27 random little (funny) things about me

… that I haven’t shared with anyone… until now! Just because it’s my blog’s 3rd anniversary (Woohoo!!! So that’s why I’m feeling a bit more giddy today than usual ha!).

So before anything else, CHEEEEEEEERSS!!! Hahaha so sosyal, it’s just calamansi juice, guys, haha!


It’s been my personal tradition to open little things about me every time my blog and I celebrate our anniversary… aaaawwww hahaha! (This isn’t my first published blog though. I started blogging through Blogspot when I was in high school. So technically, I’ve been celebrating more than a decade of anniversaries already!) 

So why a list of random little things? My motto has always been to find something good and happy (even in the littlest sense) in everything! I’m a very cheerful and happy person so even if I tend to be awkward at times, I just laugh at myself every time! Like this…




1. First movie I watched at a theatre alone was a Kim Chiu movie! Years ago haha! What’s yours? =)

2. I often pretend I am hosting a cooking show when I cook! Haha! 

3. Whenever I feel hungry (which is more often than not haha) while in front of a computer, I search “delicious food” or “what to eat for lunch today” on Google images. I love everything I see!

4. I have a lot of baon na pick-up lines. Try me!

Gym ka ba?”


“Kasi sa tingin ko magwowork out tayo.”


5. I like riding buses, waiting on bus stops and running after a bus to catch a ride!

6. I happily hum to my favorite food as I eat it. Haha!

7. I cannot resist popcorn and swing sets.

8. I can sleep with only one pillow, under my feet.

9. The LOTR trilogy is my favorite story of all time and I think the finest cinematic experience!!

10. When someone’s mopping or waxing the floor, I often tiptoe around the edges of the room when passing through because I don’t want to mess it up.

11. Lupang Hinirang was the first song I sang in front of a huge crowd (300+).

12. When drinking in straws, habitually, I’d use two.

13. Sometimes when I’m standing in one place for a long time, I stand on my left leg and put my right leg on it like a flamingo.

14. I still have interest in all things dinosaur-related.

15. Whenever I see a character holding his/her breath in movies or on TV, I also attempt to hold mine in for as long as he/she can. Hahaha!

16. I like balloons! Plastic balloons!!

17. I sometimes amuse myself by throwing small food items in the air and catching them in my mouth.

18. At random times, I (still) TRY to move things with my mind – doesn’t work, YET. Jedi in the works! (Haha, what I get from reading Star Wars. These mind tricks and all.)

19. I always thought packing weeks before leaving makes the vacation seem closer!

20. I don’t have a skin care regime.

21. Whenever I laugh hard, I clap my hands uncontrollably, like a seal.

22. I think coffee and hiphop go together like peanut butter and jelly, nutella and spoon, and you and me. A-ha!

23. I set my alarm at weird times (e.g., 5:03, 6:59).

24. I wear pajamas all day at home.

25. I used to draw comics.

26. I get comically competitive when playing video games.

27. If I’m trying to say a word and I’m not sure of how to pronounce it, I just avoid the word, and suavely change the topic hahaha! Or if there’s really no way out, pretend to cough on the part when I say that word hahahahaha!


So, do we share something (weird) in common? Yes?? =) 


3 years down &  forever to go,



Baby, It’s Cold Outside

The title of this post speaks for itself. Christmas is indeed nearing! It’s very breezy and cold outside! Even more with all the pine trees around me! Christmas won’t be the same without the cold weather and huge pine trees! Plus the sun sets much earlier than usual, have you noticed? 

And since the holidays are getting nearer and nearer day by day (10 days to go and it’s Christmas!!! Simbang Gabi in two days!), I’m getting more and more excited! Lots of delicious and happy food, friends and family reunions, colorful lights and Christmas songs playing everywhere… all the cheers, gift-giving and Christmas spirit, I just love this season! Much more with the newly-released Unica Hija 2013 Holiday Collection! If you haven’t seen it yet, why???!!! Haha! See my video blog post about this here. Plus, you can check out http://www.unicahija.com.ph to view the entire holiday collection.

Anyway, relative to this post, here’s a quick fashion tip for you. I know that some of you might hesitate wearing horizontal stripes, moreso wide stripes, for the reason that they would make you look bigger. Well, here’s the thing. I never believed in the “no horizontal stripes rule”. Some horizontal stripes can make you look bigger, some may not, depending on how the horizontal stripes are designed on your outfit. Actually, wide stripes are so versatile – more relaxed, mature and elegant! Flattering styles are the key to wearing stripes! Take this Unica Hija dress I’m wearing as example. Bright pink all over with a touch of black wide horizontal stripes perfectly situated on the dress (chest, two end linings). Can be worn to work, casual days or a fun night out by spicing it up with fun jewelry/accessories and a great pair of shoes! As this can be worn for multiple purposes, definitely, this dress is a great investment! In addition, be it summer or rainy, a dress like this can surely complement with any season. Remember, sometimes, it’s really all about simplicity! It’s best not to introduce too many colors (usually not more than three) used in the stripes for your outfit.

2013-10-28-14-03-54_decoUnica Hija dress

Hype this look on Lookbook here.2013-10-28-14-04-33_deco2013-10-28-14-08-59_deco

See me at my palest haha as white as snow! It’s sure chilling outside!2013-10-28-14-09-37_deco2013-10-28-14-10-18_deco2013-10-28-14-10-58_deco2013-10-28-14-11-29_deco2013-10-28-14-12-51_deco2013-10-28-14-13-25_deco2013-10-28-14-14-27_deco

Hope you got a thing or two from this quick tip! Use it on your Christmas shopping!:) Have a very merry Christmas!

Casual Sundays

Sundays are the best – for most of us, no work, no school, quality time with the Lord, family and friends, rest day, worry-free day! And what better way to dress up than to wear casuals! Anything comfortable and simple yet clean, nice and still yourself!


Here’s how I usually dress up without thinking haha! A lovely comfy top, a great pair of fitting jeans, cute comfy flats and cute bag! (No make-up, even no combing done hahaha! A 5-minute dress-up hahaha!)


Unica Hija top

I love this drawstring polo top from Unica Hija! It’s so comfortable, clean, breezy – I can move around so freely! The bright yellow color brings out my happy and light mood, perfect for a bright sunny day! I love the neck cut plus the pocket and drawstring details! The design is in color white too in Unica Hija stores. Unica Hija, please have this in more colors!! Green, red, peach, black, caramel brown and more!:-)


This bag I got from Bugis SG is soooo cute! Suit and tie, very unique! It’s classy and cute! Plus, it’s very affordable. Got it for SGD25, good buy, right?


These kitty Kat flats are so cute!!! I named them after me haha! I love everything simple, unique and comfortable yet cute and classy! Also got them from Bugis for SGD20 only! They come in red and brown, too!

PhotoGrid_1382204330046Hype on Lookbook here.

How about you, what’s your casual Sunday look? Have a happy and blessed Sunday!:-)

Oh wait, it’s also the First Sunday of December today, and yes, it’s already December!!! 24 days before Christmas! The holiday season is so full of cheers! And since Christmas is just around the corner and many of us might be on shopping mood for gifts already, here’s a good deal if you want to give your girlfriends, sisters, or any ladies out there the choice to buy anything in Unica Hija – the Unica Hija Gift Card! ‘Cause they deserve nothing but the best treat!

The gift card’s in P1,000 and P500 denominations and available for availment at your nearest Unica Hija stores. Don’t wait any longer, get it now!:-)