Fashion Clubbing: 7 For All Mankind PH x Republiq

7 For All Mankind, a famous US denim brand which is now in the Philippines, collaborated with Republiq to party for 7 nights every Friday from June 22 to August 3, 2012. And on its first night to celebrate, my friends and I partied and danced for all mankind! Haha! Thank you for the VIP invites, 7FAMPH!

Photo taken by 7FAMPH before the party started! Wore a black longsleeves top from K2, green polka dot pleated skirt which is my own design and printed pumps with feathered ankles from Korea. Also got a peach feathered shoulder bag from BKK.

 Got my girlfriends, Maan and Ave, ready to partyyyy! (Photo from 7FAMPH)

Soooo many people in the club! Actually, it was my first time to go to a place like this, but Republiq was hot, loud, wild and crazy!

Of course, it’s more fun clubbing in the Philippines with my best of girlfriends! Kayes, Fra, Karen, Jen and Julie, wished you were there too to party with us! The only guy in our barkada, Lorey, and Ave’s man, Mark, were also there to dance the night away.

Maan documented a lot of our good times during the event! You are really super, twin!

I didn’t like the Vodka Sprite (tasted like Acetone haha kidding), but this clubbing is a new fun experience for me! If not for my 3-inch heels, we could have partied all the way til 5 AM the next day! Oh yeah! Sadly, we ended up leaving at around 1:30 AM hahaha too early, right? Blame it on my heels! Why did I not wear flats, why on earth? Haha! My legs and feet were a bit sore. I tried but couldn’t stand standing any longer! Sorry pals that we had to leave early because of me. Let’s just go again next Friday? Haha! Let’s go all 7 nights and I’ll make sure to wear the flattest of all flats! =P

(Above photos taken by Maan Banot.)

Anyway, too much about my heels and our partying. Haha. Let me share with you now some of what I know about this denim brand that brought me to Republiq.

7 For All Mankind, which started in 2000, is a California-born premium denim lifestyle brand catering to men’s, women’s and kids’ different lifestyles. It sells a huge selection of denim, apparel, shoes and accessories. It’s available in most parts of the world: US, UK, Belgium, Holland, Europe, Africa, Asia-Pacific. A lot of Hollywood stars, like Nina Dobrev, Will Smith, Emma Stone, Eva Longoria, Kristen Stewart, Jessica Alba, Vanessa Hudgens, Olivia Wilde, Katie Holmes, James Franco, Isla Fisher, among others, are actually in love with 7FAM’s shorts and jeans (denim, flare, skinny, printed, colored). Currently, 7FAM has three stores in the Philippines: Greenbelt 5, Powerplant Mall and Trinoma. You can check out its website for an easier browsing of its new arrivals and sale items (there’s an ongoing summer sale up to 50% off) at, or just visit its stores in the malls I mentioned earlier for a more enjoyable trendy denim shopping!

Oh wait, want to know now the coolest looks of this season before you head out to the malls? 7FAMPH has the looks that we love!

Starting from the women’s collection -

(Photos taken from 7FAM.)

From top left to right bottom. What do I love about them? (1) Prints are hot, what more if they’re on your skinny white jeans! (2) Metallic skinny pants are to dieeeee for! (3) Flare will always be phenomenal. (4) Cut off shorts are soooo sexy with those laser diamond prints! (5) Denim to denim is classic beautiful, no doubt. (6) Neon colors are trendy and young! (7) White jeans are a basic must-have. (8) Put glam and elegance on casual denim shorts with gold brocade foil details.

How about for the handsome men out there? 7FAM has a lot in store for you as well! 7FAM brings us its latest Men’s Spring Lookbook collection (with Sam Webb as model) focusing on fresh spring hues/colors. This shows how classics can be turned into dynamics!

(Photos taken from 7FAM.)

From top left to right bottom. What to love about them? (1) The hotness of the sea coral red jeans! (2) Sunset gold pants to brighten up your day! (3) Straight new fit – more comfort with a slim look (4) Relaxed, you’ll like it simple and comfy! (5) Aiden – modern update to the usual bootcut jeans (6) Austyn – power classic.

So many good things to buy, right? Basics are very important that’s why quality should always be the first consideration. Basics are classics and they never get old-fashioned! Everyone should own a pair of crisp, comfortable, high-quality, versatile, stylish, durable and nice fitting jeans. So go save for a good pair! A good pair of 7 jeans, that is! Definitely a good investment! =) Tell me about your love for these 7 jeans when you get one!

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